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L.A. Metro's social media push should encourage more residents to propose solutions to the 710 freeway gap and curb traffic congestion

Los Angeles Metro  authorities have created a Facebook page and Twitter account to engage Los Angeles County residents in discussions about the future of the SR-710 freeway. On Feb. 15 and 16, Metro conducted the first of 18 public meetings that will continue through March -- some of which are accessible via webcast.

According to Metro, the 710, erected in 1965, was designed to connect Alhambra and Pasadena. Now Metro wants to use Measure R funding to remedy the traffic congestion that diverted to surface streets as a result of the 4.5-mile gap where the 710 fell short of connecting to the Pasadena-bound freeways.

Voters approved Measure R by a two-thirds majority in 2008, allowing for an increased county-wide sales tax designed to rake in $40 billion for Metro's various transportation projects.

Attendees at the meeting in Alhambra on Wednesday discussed ideas to improve traffic and concerns about a proposal to close the gap with an underground tunnel. According to the SR-710 Conversations Facebook page, residents questioned whether construction on the freeway could present a public health risk. Metro authorities will consider these comments as they prepare to conduct an environmental review.

Check here for the full schedule of meetings and ways to join the conversation online.

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