Metro's Discount Pass Program Now Includes Part-Time College Students

Metro is expanding its discount pass program to include part-time college students, KPCC reports.

For the first time, students going to school part-time can pay a discounted rate for the pass when they register at universities and community colleges in Los Angeles County, according to NBC4's media partner KPCC.

The minimum enrollment units for undergraduates will be eight, and six for graduate students.

The new pass for cheaper train and bus rides will cost a maximum of $43 per month, but could be less depending on the level of subsidy the school provides, KPCC reports. Currently, UCLA subsidizes half the cost of a pass, while USC pays for a third.

Previously, only 1 percent of qualifying college students ever got to use the passes because not all schools participated and the applications took as long as a month to process.

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