Michele Bachmann Campaigns in Pasadena

GOP Contender Michele Bachmann promises to be very tough on illegal immigration

Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann got plenty of Tea Party love Wednesday night during a campaign stop in Pasadena.

The Tea Party never really left Bachmann, popular with the group because of her attacks on big government and big debt.

"We don't have to settle for out candidates," Bachmann told a Pasadena group. "We can put Tea Party candidates up to win for every single office."

The Bachmann campaign has struggled for attention lately, as demonstrated by Tuesday night's GOP debate in Las Vegas, where squabbling between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry attracted the most attention, while Herman Cain's tenuous front runner status gave him whatever focus was left.

Cain may have felt some of the pressure of front runner status Wednesday, backing off his 9-9-9 plan a little bit, saying that there would have to be exemptions for the poor.

Bachmann, for her part, refuses to play the role of fading campaign star.

"We're actively working in Iowa," Bachmann said. "I was the only candidate who won the Iowa Straw Poll."

Now, the Iowa Caucuses are less than three months away.

And in Pasadena, Bachmann stayed aggressive on another signature issue, illegal immigration. She promised to build a fence the entire length of the U.S. border with Mexico, and to make English the official language of the United States.

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