Midwest Storm Delays Flights at LAX

Travelers are atranded at LAX as a gigantic winter storm moves across the Midwest

A massive storm stretching across most of the country hit Chicago hard Tuesday night.

Wind gusts up to 70 mph hit the lakefront, and North Shore roads were shut down to traffic, but not before some cars got stuck in the snow.

The weather in the Midwest and northeast forced the cancellation of about 6,000 flights across the country, leaving some airports deserted and thousands of travelers stranded, including at LAX.

"A spur of the moment vacation, and spur of the moment stuck here too," states Breanna Webbler, a stranded traveler.

Breanna Webbler was supposed to fly from LA to Minneapolis early Tuesday morning. Some 12 hours later she was still at LAX, walking from terminal to terminal trying to find a flight home.

"The flights we're taking, they're not a straight shot. They're supposed to stop in Chicago. Chicago's canceled. Philadelphia. Nope. Philadelphia, you can't get out there," according to Breanna Webbler, a stranded traveler.

Gary Hoggard and Merle Grace's flight from LA to Boston was delayed 10 hours.

"We've seen the nice weather here, and about to see some different weather in Boston, I guess," according to Gary Hoggard, a delayed traveler.

"It's been good, because it's given me the opportunity to have a few more hours with a very dear friend in LA. Her business flight to Dallas was canceled. So she was here, her car was here, and we had another day together," states Merle Grace, a delayed traveler.

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