Mmmmm, Donut Summit

Sweet tooth required. Coffee optional.

We love donuts. Dunkin, Yum Yum, Krispie Cream. Now imagine the titans of pastry joining together with your local favorites in the ultimate sugar showdown: the Donut Summit.

You can just smell the deep fried, chocolate smothered, raspberry stuffed goodness.

Our friends over at MetBlogs are putting together the 2010 LA Donut Summit.

Donut fans will gather Sunday, June 13th at 1pm at Griffith Park. The price of admission: one dozen donuts from your favorite donut shop. The "proceeds" go into the donut pool for the crowd to share.

The delights will be tasted and rated to find out which donut reigns supreme in Los Angeles. Will it be the caramel kreme crunch? The double chocolate cake donut? Or the classic apple fritter? Stay tuned.

You can follow the Donut Summit details on twitter or Metblogs LA.

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