More Possible Alcala Victims Discovered

Alcala, a freelance photographer, is said to have used his camera to gain some victims’ trust

Photos seized from serial killer Rodney Alcala and released to the public have turned up leads on seven other possible victims, a prosecutor said.

"They're cases of interest, is what we could call it,'' Orange County Deputy District Attorney Matt Murphy told the Orange County Register.

Huntington Beach police released the photos of women, girls, boys and toddlers that were among hundreds seized in 1979 from a Seattle storage locker Alcala rented before he was arrested for killing 12-year-old Robin Samsoe of Huntington Beach.

Alcala was convicted Feb. 25 for killing Samsoe, who was abducted while riding her bike to a ballet class on June 20, 1979. Jurors recommended that Alcala be sentenced to death for that and four other murders. Sentencing is scheduled for March 30.

Alcala, a freelance photographer, is said to have used his camera to gain some victims’ trust by asking them to pose for photos. Most of the photo subjects have never been identified.

"We'd like to locate the women in these pictures," Murphy said. "Did they simply pose for a serial killer, or did they become victims of his sadistic, murderous pattern?"

The release of the photos and increased public awareness created by Alcala’s recent conviction for five murders is credited with stirring memories and generating new leads across the country.


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The new leads involve potential victims in Seattle, New Hampshire, Phoenix, and Orange County. Meanwhile, six other women depicted in Alcala's photos have come forward to say they're all right, Murphy said.

Alcala, who represented himself in his most recent trial, is also a suspect in two New York state murders.

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