‘I Shouldn't Have Lived Through That': Motorcyclist Survives Terrifying Malibu Crash

Stephen Levey's body-worn camera captured his point of view when a driver in a stolen car crashed into a pickup that rolled into him at a stoplight.

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A motorcyclist was badly injured last week in a frightening collision in Malibu that was caught from his point of view on a body-worn camera.

Stephen Levey went for a ride Monday in Malibu with a camera on his chest. His camera was rolling at Kanan Dume and Pacific Coast Highway around noon when a speeding car struck a truck.

The truck rolled and slammed into Levey. The video cuts off at the point of impact.

The car ended up in flames and Levey's motorcycle was under the truck. Investigators confirm the crash killed the driver who was speeding in a stolen car.

"I shouldn't have lived through that," Levey said. "As bad as things are and without being dramatic, they're pretty bad. Boy things could have been worse."

Levey woke up in the hospital and remembered he had his camera.

"I had the nurses bring my phone to me and then went to the very last thing that was recorded," Levey said. "I have no recollection of the accident. It's not like I could brace myself knowing what happened."

Levey's lawyer says his client is a professional photographer with life altering injuries and expenses.

"Reconstructing his arm and hand," said Brian Breiter, Levey's lawyer. "Nine broken ribs, a pneumothorax- punctured lung, and his leg is injured."

The LA Sheriff's Department confirms the unidentified driver killed in the fiery rollover stole the car from a Malibu rehabilitation facility.

Levey's lawyer says he now needs input from the community.

"Help us figure out this puzzle so Stephen and the gentleman in that truck can figure out what and why this happened," Breiter said. "Could it have been prevented?"

Facing 7-figure medical bills and counting on online fundraising Levey assures that he's grateful nonetheless.

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