Movie Costumes: Free Exhibit to Open Downtown

Eye several articles of clothing from major 2015 films.

FIDM/Alex J. Berliner

To say that most of us probably didn't overthink what we donned today, clothing-wise, is being generous. The fact is that many people scan their closets in a jiffy, looking to simply see what's clean, what fits, what's appropriate, and what's available.

In short? That shirt, those slacks, done and done.

But dressing a movie character is a whole other rack of hangers. The character's journey needs to be considered, and time period, and moods, all important elements that the screenwriter and director and costume designer want to convey.

Once again the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising will delve into this detailed world with a sumptuous display of some of the best film costumes of the previous year. 

That previous year we speak of is 2015, so look for get-ups from "The Danish Girl" and "Mad Max: Fury Road" and the velvety jewel-toned togs of the '50s-era "Carol."

Typically some 100 costumes, give or take, from two or so dozen films receive the FIDM spotlight. But what FIDM doesn't receive is our pay-at-the-door admission. Once again, the Art of Motion Picture Costume Design will be free to all (though, of course, you can make a donation near the door, if you so wish).

"Free," however, doesn't translate into "open every day," however. The 24th annual costume show shutters on Sundays and Mondays, so should you want to see it during its Tuesday, Feb. 9 to Saturday, April 30 run, best go when you know the lights'll be on.

Speaking of those lights, the costume displays typically take on a stark look, with subtle lighting, which helps the look of the exhibit remain on the clothing. There are no props from the films, as a rule, or anything to distract from the famous frippery.

These are the outfits you saw in the cinema, the very ones and not reproductions. It makes easy, standing just feet away, to imagine a favorite actor standing where the mannequins do. 

Though whether a visit to the exhibit makes it even easier to get dressed in the morning, or not, is up for debate. Perhaps we can all be inspired to add a brooch, or a smart hat, to our daily look, after a visit to the FIDM gallery.

Or not. What works for us works for us, and what works for a movie character, clothing-wise, is up to a team of imaginative people, spearhead by the big talents of the production's talented costume designer. 

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