Caught on Tape: Deputies Detain Blogger for Taking Photos

Hell hath no fury like a blogger scorned.

Two Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies are getting a taste of Internet justice as a bitter blogger is out for their badges.

Photographers' rights advocate Shawn says he was unlawfully detained inside the Hollywood and Western Metro Station for taking photos of the newly installed turnstiles.

Two L.A. County Sheriff deputies approached him, and demanded to know why he was taking pictures.

"There's no statute against photos on the metro," Shawn said in the video.

Deputy Richard Gylfie asked, "Why are you taking pictures is my question?"

Shawn responded, "Because I want to."


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The officers stressed to Shawn that it was their job to determine if a crime was being committed.

Shawn continued to tell the deputies it's not illegal to take photos at the Metro stations.

"Then why am I being detained if I didn't commit a crime?" Shawn said.

"I've already explained it to you, OK?" Gylfie said. "I want to determine if you're committing a crime or not. If you're down here taking pictures and selling them to al-Qaeda so they can blow up our subway system, I've got a problem with that."

Shawn, who always wears a video camera, recorded the exchange and posted it Sunday on YouTube, Vimeo, LiveLeak, Flickr and

Shawn is using what he calls an "unlawful detainment" to rally against the deputies. He's posted a roster of phone numbers and e-mail addresses his supporters can bombard with complaints.

Shawn says his constitutional rights were violated. The deputies say they had a right to detain him.

Both sides obviously thought they were in the right, but as LAist points out, Gylfie may have crossed the line when he threatened to put Shawn on the FBI's hit list (starts at 4:54).

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