Music Teacher's Surprise Hollywood Bowl Duet Goes Viral

The crowd went wild after a Riverside music teacher sang a song from the hit musical "Wicked"

Every bone in Sarah Horn's body vibrated when she heard the roar from the crowd as she sang a song from the Broadway hit, “Wicked,” with one of its stars in front of 10,000 at the Hollywood Bowl in a video seen more than 1 million times online.

The Southern Californian's dream came true when she was picked at random to sing "For Good" with the original "Glinda," Kristin Chenoweth, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic during a concert on Friday.

"I could see the electricity from the crowd," said Horn, a 26-year-old voice lecturer at Baptist University in Riverside. "It was years of preparation and a moment of dumb luck."

Horn, who's been performing since she was 8 years old, documented the experience in a blog post on Her performance was seen in a YouTube video more than 1.3 million times.

It happened by chance when Chenoweth walked through the audience and held up the microphone, asking if a woman in front of Horn knew the song.

When the woman said she didn’t, Horn stood up.

“I shot up out of my chair as my heart leaped up past my throat and started beating in my ears,” she wrote.

Horn looked Chenoweth in the eye and sang the first of her lines.


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“(Chenoweth) leaned back and dropped her jaw,” Horn said. "As far as she knew, I could have been tone deaf.

“I heard the roar of the crowd ... but then it all faded away...

"It was unlike anything I have ever experienced.”

Sophie Jefferies, a spokeswoman for the Hollywood Bowl, who was in the audience, was blown away.

“She opens her mouth and I was like, ‘Wow,’” Jefferies said. “She was a random pick. I was amazed. It was an incredible experience.”

Check out the duet in the video below:

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