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Breast Cancer: Replacing Fear With Hope

Breast Cancer: Replacing Fear With Hope

NBC4 Lolita Lopez learns about cancer, herself and the amazing community of cancer survivors

My Decision to Share My Story

NBC4 Reporter Lolita Lopez's tells the story of her fight with breast cancer



    My Decision to Share My Story
    NBC4 reporter Lolita Lopez is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and she's sharing her story with us.

    I share because it's what I do.

    As a reporter, I travel to all types of communities, meeting wonderful people and finding out what drives them. I learn about their struggles, their conflicts, and their victories.

    Every day, I come home hoping I told their stories with respect and dignity. I almost always find myself learning something in the process.

    When I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer, I felt like I was given the biggest challenge of my life.

    Cancer came at me like a ton of bricks, but I was able to gain control of the things that I could control.

    I also realized I had choices. That has made a huge difference to me. Knowledge, choices and relationships and have been my best weapons in my fight with breast cancer.

    If you had asked me six months ago, I would have said I knew a lot about breast cancer.
    I was wrong.

    With the help of the people around me, my doctors, and even strangers, I began learning. I learned about cancer. I learned things about myself. I learned about this amazing community of doctors and healers. I learned about the strength and courage that exists among cancer survivors.

    This is my challenge and I am conquering it.

    No matter what your challenge is, I hope these stories can give you ways to find the strength I never thought I had.