Mystery John Doe Needs ID

Deputies sought the public's help on Thursday to identify a man who died in 2013.

A sketch was released of the man, based on an artist's rendering.

Police aren't sure whether the man was killed. He was found with a 35-pound dumbbell tied around his ankles with a chain.

Authorities believe he was between 30 and 50 years old, about 5 foot 8, and weighed 165 pounds. His body was discovered badly decomposed, weeks after they believe he died.

The man was found by a boater about half a mile out at sea, just off the coast of Crystal Cove State Park. There were no witnesses. This was in December 2013.

At the time he was wearing black size 11 Asics tennis shoes and dark nylon sweatpants with zippers. On his arm was a Timex watch that had stopped oddly enough on the day he was discovered, Dec. 24.

Coroner's officials had to reconstruct his face.


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"At some point the actual skull is examined," said Lt. Jeff Hallock, of the Orange County Sheriff's Department. "A photo is taken. A sketch artist essentially traces that skull and then tries to recreate it with a sketch based on the bone structure and so forth."

Keep in mind this face was not drawn from a photo but from recreating the man's face from the bone structure in his skull.

Officials were not able to get fingerprints off the body and have alerted law enforcement across the western U.S.

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