For at least two late-night TV host, it is the season to be merry.

"Rivals" Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson decided to embrace the gift-giving aspect of the holiday season and sent each other presents to be opened on their respective shows, reports the New York Daily News.

Ferguson unveiled his loot on his show last week, a "top-notch Christmas sweater" in the words of Fallon, that featured the faces of both talkers on a holiday ornament.

"He's over at CBS in LA and I know how cold it gets at night there," Fallon said of Ferguson.

Of his gift, Ferguson said: "Oh, I know you're like, 'Craig, you're crazy, he's your direct competitor, you can't say how great Jimmy is, but everybody knows it: Jimmy is awesome...Everybody knows Jimmy is the best knitter in show business."

At roughly the same time, Fallon opened a box from Ferguson that contained a pair of kittens in a box, named Regis and Kelly.

It's not the first time the two late-night titans have affectionately ribbed each other. They've engaged in a food fight together and waved Mickey Mouse hands to each other on-air as well.

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