Katy Perry Leapfrogs Justin Bieber as Most Followed Person on Twitter

Perry ends Bieber's 9-month reign as most followed

Justin Bieber's 9-month reign as the most followed person on Twitter gave way to pop queen Katy Perry, who became queen of the Twitterverse by accruing more than 46.5 million followers.

Perry has now surpassed Bieber by more than 20,000 fans.

Bieber's popularity reached a peak in January when the 19-year-old Canadian teen sensation ended Lady Gaga's 3-year run atop the social networking site. Among the controversy-filled headlines since then have included an alleged altercation with DJ Michael Woods at a South Korea nightclub last month and a dispute at a Southampton night club that reportedly turned into a parking-lot melee between clubgoers and Bieber's entourage.

More recently, a fan threw a water bottle at Bieber during a concert Saturday in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Perry's resurgence, meanwhile, follows the highly anticipated release of her new album Prism last month. The singer's fourth studio album has received generally positive reviews.

What’s her secret to attracting followers? Avoid the inebriated tweets.

“When you decide to have a glass of wine, put the phone down,” she told USA Today last month. "Don’t drink and tweet.”

It remains to be seen how long the pop star will reign supreme atop the Twittersphere.

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