NBA Says ‘No Social Media' During Lockout

Golden State Warriors' coach Mark Jackson won't be able to send his new pal Klay Thompson any Facebook updates during the NBA lockout, unless he wants to pay a hefty fine.

The league locked out its players after negotiations came to a grinding halt. As part of the lockout, teams and players cannot communicate via social media. Any communication through Twitter or Facebook could land someone a strict million dollar fine, says All Facebook.

In addition to the fine, any teams discovered breaking the stipulations, could also lose draft picks.

The NBA said during the lockout, coaches, general managers, and all front office personnel can follow players on Twitter, but under no circumstances, can they reply or even retweet them.

“The league office is digging in,” one general manager told “They made it clear to everyone that they’re going to crack down hard on any sign of contact with the players and they said they’re going to be very vigilant.”

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