California Internship Testimonial: Maritza Moulite, USC 2015

USC 2015

I read every student testimonial I could find after learning I'd be interviewing for an internship with NBC4's digital team. Each one was a raving review of the great learning opportunity it was.

Once I started as an intern myself, I quickly discovered that they were right.

I learned how to build galleries and timelines. I edited videos to accompany text articles.

The digital producers expected a lot but were just as supportive in helping me meet those expectations. I was writing stories and getting helpful edits to improve my copy on my first day in the newsroom.

The articles I wrote reminded me why journalism is so wonderful. I covered a variety of stories including California's ongoing drought, the ever-increasing cost of living in Southern California and even a dominatrix group protesting "50 Shades of Grey."

I worked hard up until the last moment of my internship and that's why it was so great. You're not out running errands or making copies; you're a valued team member who's expected to contribute. My time at NBCLA was one of my best internship experiences ever and I'm happy to be added to the choir singing its praises.

Link: Read Maritza's stories

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