Neon On: Pasadena Awesome '80s Run

People in side ponytails and skinny ties'll jog at the Rose Bowl.

While every decade of the past century has had a pretty distinctive fashion vibe -- though, seriously, aughts, we're still kind of waiting to see what you'll be, nearly a half decade later -- it is hard to beat the 1980s for sheer brightness.

All of that neon and plaid and pastel will out-bright, out-kapow, and out-glimmer the flapper dresses of the '20s and go-go boots of the 1960s. No wonder "Sunglasses at Night" became a standard of the era; '80s people required 'em in the face of all of that eye-testing clothing.

Thus any event that involves the wearing of '80s parachute pants and leg warmers and stretchy sweatbands that takes place in the bright morning may have the approximate power of a dozen suns. Or, more likely, oodles of charm.

Charm-oodling up the Rose Bowl on Sunday, Aug. 17 is the Awesome '80s Run 5K. Yep, there's a costume contest. Indeed, you'll nab a "circa 1980s style t-shirt" for finishing. And, for sure, there are medals.

As for what to wear? We'd think comfort first, neon-amazingness second. You don't want that skinny piano tie flapping in your face, and your mother said to never run in your jellies. Best wear sneakers of some sort, vintage if you like, if you don't mind hoofing it for five kilometers in 30-year-old shoes.

Other '80s stuff'll festoon the event, like games, props, and an '80s cover band. And there are team nods, too, for Largest Team and Best Group Costume. Who is going as Pac-Man and the Ghosts? The characters from "The Princess Bride"? You can do it, '80s enthusiasts.

Just remember, when picking out that shiny-wear apparel, that it is morning, and it has been decades since people have been accustomed to the bright-a-tude that was '80s wear. Tread carefully, dig out the parachute pants, and save those jellies to rock after the run, not during.

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