New California Laws Target Handguns, Alcohol

The legislature passed 750 new laws last year, among them measures aimed at curbing child prostitution and increasing health controls at tattoo parlors.

New laws on topics as diverse as tattoo safety, bullying and gun control will go into effect in California as the new year dawns next week.

The legislature passed 750 bills last year, most of them set to become law on Jan. 1.

Here’s a quick roundup, and a link to the state’s website with the full list.

Firearms: With some exceptions, it will be illegal to openly carry an unloaded handgun. Californians will still be able to obtain permits to carry concealed weapons.

Child Prostitution: Increases fines and penalties for those seeking to procure the services of a minor for prostitution.

Alcohol: Prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages at self-service checkout stands.

Bullying: Requires schools to have a uniform process for dealing with bullying complaints. Goes into effect July 1.

Body Art: Tattoo and piercing businesses must obtain permits from local public health agencies, take training in sanitation and blood-borne illnesses and provide other health information as requested. Businesses that employ single-use, sterile studs to pierce ears only are exempted from some of the requirements. This bill goes into effect July 1.

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