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New Programs to Help Pay and Avoid Evictions Continue to be Unveiled in LA County

Each city in the state has different programs that you may qualify for.

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As the expiration date of the eviction moratorium approaches for those who have not been able to pay rent due to the pandemic, new programs to help pay and avoid evictions continue to be unveiled.

The investigative team for our sister station, Telemundo 52 Responde, explains the different programs that are available.

There are multiple aid funds, and it can be very confusing to find them, but there is a very important tool to help you easily find out if you are eligible for aid from the city, county, state, or more than one program.

The moratorium on evictions for those affected by the pandemic expires on June 30, which means that many families are desperate, looking for a way to pay their debts, and not lose their homes.

The good news is that there are multiple aid funds from both the state, counties, and cities, for example Los Angeles County,, just opened a program, to help those who qualify, pay 80% of their back rent, as long as their landlord agrees to forgive them the remaining 20%, or in case their landlord does not want to participate, the tenant can ask the county for help directly and if you qualify, you could receive 25% of what you owe, which would prevent you from being evicted.

Each city in the state has different programs that you may qualify for.

The best way to find out what is available in your area is to visit the site Once there, click on "rental assistance", if you are a landlord, you will find the steps to follow to receive payments on behalf of your renters, and if you are a tenant, they will take you step by step to determine if you qualify for one or more assistance programs.

They will ask you where you live, to seek all available help, and they will determine if you are eligible, so they will know for sure if there are funds that could help you pay your back rent and avoid your family having to leave your home at the end of the moratorium of evictions.

It is worth mentioning that this week the details of another program, in Los Angeles County, will be released to help homeowners affected by the pandemic pay their overdue mortgages. That program will offer grants of up to $20,000 to those who qualify.

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