New Way to Smooth Out Wrinkles

It’s a new way to iron out the wrinkles. It’s called Pelleve, a non-surgical anti-aging treatment. 

The magic is in the wand. With the help of a conducting gel, it sends radiofrequency waves deep into the collagen-rich layers of the skin.
The heat breaks down collagen to stimulate new growth - which eventually leaves the skin on the surface looking smoother and tighter.

"The treatment takes about 45 minutes to treat your whole face and your eyes," according to Medical spa owner Dina El-Sherif.
"The difference significantly is the fact that I can now see my eyelids which had totally receded," said Judy Deardorff, who tried the treatment.

And while some results are immediate, the collagen continues to rebuild after the treatment ends. However, the results don't last forever. Eventually patients may want to have a tune up in a year or two.
Treatment costs vary but can run from $500 for one area of the face to 3,000 for multiple areas.
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