Newport Beach May Tag Misbehaving Revelers

Newport Beach has long had a reputation for being a hot spot for wild partying. Now city officials are set to discuss a proposed ordinance designed to crack down on late night rowdiness.

It's called "The Loud and Unruly Gathering Ordinance" and violators could be hit with a stiff fine of up to $8,000.

Former Newport Beach resident Brent Rowland says he moved to Costa Mesa because of the late night parties. "When the bars close it gets loud, these kids in their 20's start roaming the alleys and it stays loud until the police come."

If the ordinance is approved police will be able to fine anyone who is drunk in public, serves alcohol to minors, vandalizes property, litters, or urinates in public.

Police could also post a red tag on the outside of the home. The tag would be a bright red warning that puts anyone walking through the front door on notice.

"The tag says if there is another response to the home, everyone in attendance could be cited and fined," says Lt. Bill Hartford of the Newport Police Department.

The red tag ordinance is similar to one instituted in Tucson, Arizona. Police there say it helped control the out of control college parties.

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