Not Your Average House Cat

Five exotic, wild cats have been getting some much-needed TLC at an animal rescue facility in Alpine.

The two Savannahs, two Chausies, and a Jungle Cat were found at a home near Texas and Qualcomm in San Diego on New Year's Eve, after their owner died, according to Lions, Tigers and Bears director, Bobbi Brink.

Officials alerted Brink to the discovery after two of the Savannahs escaped the home, and police thought the cats were actually wild Servals.  Brink said the animals were living in filth and had been neglected.

"It was a disturbing and sad situation," she said.

It has cost the rescue group $2,500 in vet bills to try and nurse the cats back to health.  The Savannah cats could be available for adoption but they aren't your average house cats and will need the "right home," Brink says which would include an outdoor cage.  The breed is legal but have wild tendencies.  The original owner paid $10,000 for each, Brink said.

Anyone wanted to donate to their care or is interested in adopting the Savannahs can contact Lions, Tigers and

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