Now Open: The Science Behind Pixar

Make for the California Science Center and discover the techniques, like lighting and modeling, that bring the beloved films to life.

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Kristina Kurasz
The Science Behind Pixar debuted at the California Science Center in Exposition Park on Saturday, Oct. 15.
Kristina Kurasz
Snap a pic with the sweet sci-fi hero at the new exhibit at California Science Center. There are more selfie opportunities, too, to be found throughout the displays.
Kristina Kurasz
How to give a character that 3D realness that's so much a part of Pixar? It's called modeling, and the exhibit explores its fascinating properties.
Kristina Kurasz
Might you run into a certain Mr. Lightyear while roaming the 12,000-foot exhibition? You bet.
Kristina Kurasz
Characters on screen need a skeletal structure, which is the basis for their movements. The process? It's called rigging.
Kristina Kurasz
Discover how environments come together at the show, which includes "more than 40 interactive exhibit elements."
Kristina Kurasz
The Museum of Science, Boston partnered with Pixar on the development of this multi-faceted presentation, which is making its debut on this coast.
Kristina Kurasz
Find out how focus distance weaves into a Pixar film, lending scenes depth.
Kristina Kurasz
Why did the water in "Finding Nemo" look so sparkly and realistic? Lighting helped created that aquatic enchantment.
Kristina Kurasz
Which characters will pop up around the massive exhibit? (Hint: A very fabulous and successful superhero advisor may make a cameo.)
Kristina Kurasz
Simulation is another technique that plays a fascinating interactive part in modern animation. Spend a morning at the California Science Center's new ticketed exhibition and learn how Pixar creates its distinctive universes.
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