Occupy LA, Wall Street Protesters March on City Hall

The Occupy LA group spawned out of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Occupy Wall Street movement made its way to the roads of Los Angeles Saturday as protesters marched on City Hall.

The crowd gathered at around 10 a.m. at Pershing Square, then marched up Broadway to the north lawn of City Hall.

The crowd gathered on the west steps of L.A. City Hall, until it surged and spilled into the street. At that point, organizers moved to the north lawn of L.A. City Hall, according to LA Weekly.

Marchers chanted slogans in protest, "Hey hey, ho ho! Wall Street greed has got to go!" They also yelled solidarity chants such as, “The people, united, will never be defeated.”

The Occupy LA group spawned out of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Many protesters said they marched Saturday to show solidarity with those in New York and across the United States.

“A lot of injustice has been done and a lot of people received a lot of bailout money,” said Robert Lujan a protester from San Gabriel. “A lot of the poorer people are suffering we are here to support them.”

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