Occupy Protesters Help Vet Save Home

Iraq War Vet's home was supposed to be auctioned off

The Occupy Movement had a Valentine's Day message for banks, and it wasn't about love.

Organizers called it "break up with your bank day."  And a foreclosure auction in Chino gave them the perfect venue to express their views.

After all, Iraq War Veteran Sgt. Anthony Chavoya was about to lose his family's Victorville home at a Valentine's Day foreclosure auction.

"It's been stressful since we got the letter," said Sgt. Chavoya. "We couldn't  sleep. We were up late hours thinking, what are we going to do with our family?"

"We are here for the purpose of stopping the sale of his home," said Occupy LA protester Carlos Mannequin. "We believe it has been done in a wrongful way."

The protesters stood up for Chavoya, a 14 year veteran of the Army National Guard. Many potential bidders on the home, unaware of the occupant's service, were disappointed. They came looking for a bargain, as many people do in these troubled times at foreclosure auctions.

Chavoya says he just needs some time. He says things got out of control after confusion over a pay check delayed a payment to Wells Fargo. Late fees mounted after two months of delay, and then he found himself in trouble.

"I'm sure there are a lot of veterans going through this," he said. "Let's step up and help each other out."

Late Tuesday afternoon, Sgt. Chavoya and his supporters got some good news. The auction had been delayed.

"It gives me some relief," said Sgt. Chavoya. "There's a possible chance that they'll hopefully work with us now. Not just give us the run around."

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