Occupy Riverside Turns For the Worse

Arrests, confrontations marked a turning point in the Occupy Riverside protest

Police say the Occupy Riverside crowd became aggressive Sunday afternoon when protesters said they were asked to remove tents from the city's downtown mall.

When the demonstration started two weeks ago, the mood was much different. City officials said no overnight camping was allowed and members of the crowd agreed.  The compromise was to allow 'Occupy' members to camp in the nearby Service Employees International Union parking lot.
Monday, however, the tents returned to the downtown mall, and at least one protester, who would not provide his full name, said he had no plans to leave.

"This is our home now and we're staying here," he said.

Eleven protesters were arrested Sunday. The most serious allegation was assault on a police officer, resulting from a tossed bottle.  Monday, members of the group said they had enlisted an attorney.

Rather than protesting during the day and leaving at night, now the group seems determined to make Occupy Riverside a 24-7 operation. The next move may be up to public officials.

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