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Occupy Riverside Protesters Claim Police Brutality

Police Chief Responds to Accusations



    Occupy Riverside Protesters Claim "Police Brutality"

    Some Occupy Riverside protesters who were removed Sunday from their encampment near city hall claim they were roughed-up by police. NBC4's Craig Fiegener reports. (Published Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011)

    Occupy Riverside protesters are accusing the Riverside Police Department of police brutality after officers removed protesters from the downtown mall area Sunday.

    “There were people right on top of our officers. There was a lot of drama and swearing, but not by our officers, but by demonstrators,” says Riverside Police Sergio Diaz.
    The Occupy Riverside group locked arms, preventing officers from removing tents.

    Many protesters used cellphone cameras to capture the incident, but Chief Diaz says he likes what he sees on those videos.

    “I know what training our officers have and I’m very proud of what I’ve seen on those videos,” said the Chief.
    The Occupy Riverside group returned Wednesday to the downtown mall area. It was a small gathering, however a member of the group sent out an email encouraging a large march Friday.

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