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Oil Sheen Spotted Near Bolsa Chica State Beach Likely Not From October Pipeline Leak

Samples from Thursday's oil spill are "inconsistent" with oil from October's spill near Huntington Beach.

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Samples from an oil sheen spotted off the coast of Bolsa Chica State Beach on Thursday are "inconsistent" with the oil from October's Huntington Beach pipeline leak, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said on Saturday.

The CDFW statement on Twitter added that the oil sheen was no longer visible from the air.

"Overflights observed no recoverable oil/sheen or evidence of oiling on beaches," the statement said.

Thursday's oil sheen was confirmed by police helicopters that morning, and was roughly 20 yards by 150 yards in size. Crews quickly mobilized to try and contain the spill and prevent any oil from reaching the shoreline.

Investigation into the spill is ongoing.

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