Oliver Stone: “I'm Interested in the Possibilities of Television”

Movie director's small screen ambitions

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone has a new TV deal.

He's teaming up again with writer Bruce Wagner. And they will produce a TV series based Wagner's novel, "Still Holding," BBC News reported Monday.

The project is part of a development deal with Epix, a premium TV.

Wagner's book is about three disparate people based in Los Angeles.  No word yet on when the series will air.

Meanwhile, the sequel to Stone's 1987 blockbuster film "Wall Street" premieres later this month at the Cannes film festival.  In n "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps," Michael Douglas reprises his Oscar-winning role as the ruthless stockbroker, "Gordon Gekko". Remember that famous line, "Greed is Good".

The new movie picks up Gekko's life 23 years later.  He's just been released from prison and attempts to warn Wall Street of an impending financial collapse --  Mr. Greed turned anti-hero.

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