One for All: Giving Tuesday

Lend some love to a host of local organizations (and beyond).

Comedians and wags and wits may wax funnily on all of the name days that follow Thanksgiving, and with fine reason: There's no other stretch of the year where we refer to parts of the week by what sort of shopping we do on those days.

But Thanksgiving, which starts out the run of days, has a fine and true partner in the day that wraps it all up: Giving Tuesday. It is indeed the Tuesday that follows Thanksgiving, meaning that Dec. 3 is the date for this year.

And what it is is beautifully clear in its very name: It's a day to give. Whether that's writing a check or two to a local organization or committing a weekend of volunteer time or collecting some blankets and beds and driving them down to the animal shelter matters not.

Wait, that's not exactly true: It all matters. The important first step is doing it.

A number of Southern California places are part of the Giving Tuesday movement. The Music Center, the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, and LA Conservancy are all partnering with the philanthropic, thinking-of-others event. But don't be guided by just that; you can give and help and donate and volunteer wherever, however, whether there's a Giving Tuesday logo on the site or not.

That's the spirit of it, after all.

Two last thoughts. One: It is rather nice, too, that Giving Tuesday is the final one of the "shop" days. Does this mean that giving is what we should take into the rest of this year from this week, given that giving is closing it all out? We'll vote yes on that.


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And two: We said Thanksgiving starts the run of named, late-November days, but there is indeed Black Wednesday or Friend Wednesday the day before the holiday. That's a nice one, too, given that friends get together to raise a glass and see each other before family obligations.

So if friends and giving start and end the annual week that comics love to satirize the most, well. That seems pretty decent to us.

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