One-Million+ Blocks: The Brick Bar to Pop Up in LA

Ready to "click" with a limited-time hangout spot? The playful pub arrives in late May.

What to Know

  • May 31, plus June 1 and 2, 2019
  • Location to be announced
  • $25

Pop-up bars and Los Angeles go together like beer and foam, and each one, no matter how long it intends to stick around, needs a bit of planning, a bit of construction, and a hefty dash of imagination.

No pop-up up is just going to show up in a totally empty room, in other words.

Wait, strike that; given the number of pop-ups we see 'round here, that one's probably in the development stage.

But the limited-time tavern ready to click with Southern California in a few months will need a substantial amount of hours to come together, thanks to the fact that it is made from over a million LEGO bricks.

It's The Brick Bar, and if you've heard of it, then you're up on your London-cool, Sydney-style scene. The colorful experience has already visited the UK and Australia, and it will lend hue-happy oomph to the Los Angeles nightlife scene in very late May and very late June.

We weren't kidding about the "verys" there: The Brick Bar will be here for just three days, so best clear your quirky calendar for May 31, plus June 1 and 2, 2019.


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Surely you have a quirky calendar? To track the offbeat events that so regularly lend LA an extra layer of liveliness?

A ticket is $25, and you can sign up, at The Brick Bar site, to be in-the-know about when you can snag the earliest pre-release tickets.

And where it'll be. The final brick hasn't yet been clicked on the SoCal location.

This is not an experience from LEGO, do note.

Also good to stow in your brick-obsessed brain? If you like snapping blocky toys together and creating castles and weird worlds, all while you sip a cocktail, you will have that opportunity to do so at The Brick Bar.

For, yes, while the design of the space will be bricked-out, there shall be random rectangles and squares around for the public to play with, all while they raise a toast to imagination, whimsical drinking holes, and here-today-gone-in-two-more-days pop-up experiences.

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