Operation Pothole a Success

The City of LA Department of Public Works Vowed to Fill 15,000 Potholes Over the Weekend. The Final Tally: 16,118

It was called Operation Pothole.

The goal: fill over 15,000 potholes in one weekend.

Well, the City of Los Angeles' Department of Public Works did far better than that.

The final tally after 48 hours: 16,118 small asphalt repairs completed.
"Potholes, skin patching and pop outs were included to repair road damage that resulted from recent rains," announced Bureau of Street Services Director, William Robertson.

Since late December, the bureau received in excess of 3,000 incoming rain-related road damage service requests.

So, this weekend repair crews worked citywide, moving from location to location, to fix the damage in an effort to keep city streets in the best condition possible.

"We commend our street maintenance crews for both their hard work and surpassing goals on Saturday and Sunday to improve our roadways and make the commute reasonable safe and comfortable or LA motorists," said Robertson.

For service requests, the city urges residents to call the non-emergency hotline 3-1-1 to report potholes and all other storm related problems.

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