Orange County Firefighters Shave Heads to Support Girl Fighting Leukemia

The 15-year-old girl got to shave the heads of some of the willing firefighters

Bald is in -- at least among some firefighters in Orange County.

Dozens of firefighters from the city of Orange on Tuesday agreed to shave their heads in a show of support for their colleague's daughter, who was diagnosed with leukemia.

Saylor Voris, 15, was diagnosed in September. The San Clemente High School cheerleader was performing at a game when she thought she was suffering from the flu. Her hair fell out within days.

On Tuesday morning, the barbershop was open for business on the second floor of Children's Hospital of Orange County, and some of the barbers were patients who wanted to try out the razors on the willing firefighters.

Saylor is undergoing chemotherapy and will get a bone marrow transplant from her brother in about three months.

Doctors say there was a one in four chance anyone in Saylor's family would be a match for that transplant.

Saylor expects to be in the hospital for another six to nine months.

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