Adorable Otter Pups Born at Cleveland Zoo Considered a Vulnerable Species

The Asian small-clawed otters are a vulnerable species.

Three cute little squeaky otter pups born at a zoo in Cleveland were finally revealed to the world, and they are every bit as adorable as everyone imagined.

The Asian small-clawed pups, with unusual hand-like front paws with minimal webbing, were born in September at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Their hand-like paws help them forage for crustaceans, mollusks and small fish.

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The critters, which couldn't see for several weeks after birth since they are born with their eyes still closed, needed the time to develop mobility and eventually swim.


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They are indigenous to Asia, and a vulnerable species. 

Look at those faces! Adorable otter pups were born at a Cleveland zoo to parents Bitzy and Kibble.

The zoo has seven of the otters with the birth of the three male pups.

The litter was born to proud parents, mom "Bitzy" and dad "Kibble."

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