Lone Palm Tree Survives Landslide

Residents want to save surviving tree in San Pedro

It is a survivor. It's anchored in concrete. The road that gave way in the San Pedro landslide, took one lone palm tree with it.

But, it's still standing and San Pedro residents want to save it.

"We should use some of our government taxpayer money to lower a helicopter to pluck it out and save it," said San Pedro resident Diane Smith.

Smith said these trees are their neighbors, and this one needs a helping hand.

"It's been here since I've lived on the peninsula," said Smith.

"If it's not in danger to fall down, it's good to save it if it's possible," said Jose Luis Lujano, a visitor from South Gate.

Paseo Del Mar is a draw during this Thanksgiving weekend. Many now wonder what will happen to the road here and of course, to the tree. One San Pedro resident is making "Save the Tree" T-shirts.

"I really do think it should be saved. I think it's a part of San Pedro and Paseo del Mar that we all love so much," said local resident Katrina Mcosker.

But others see it as a potential business opportunity. They say the city should turn it into our version of the "Lone Cypress" in Monterey County. They charge admission to the 17-mile drive.

"Leave it alone. It has to be in its natural setting. Because it's so different, not many people have a lone palm tree. But, we have it in our own backyard here," said San Pedro resident Dave Wierzbicki.

Can the tree survive? How long will that chunk of road hold up? These are some of the questions that have no answers -- for now.

There are those skeptics who say the city will not want to spare the time, money or the potential danger to save this tree.

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