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Pandemic Party? Neighbors Worry of Gatherings on Labor Day Weekend at Hollywood Hills House

"There’s a party house ordinance which the city is not enforcing and we don’t understand why not. How bad does it have to get?" Banks said.

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Neighbors said a rented home on a narrow windy road in the Hollywood Hills has been the site of numerous large parties in the past two years, but neighbors say it’s ramped up during the pandemic.

"I was confronted twice with bodily harm," Hiram Banks, neighbor to the party house, said.

Hiram Banks says he left his home two weeks ago out of fear for his safety.

"There was a car fire, the fire department couldn’t get through. If there was an emergency, the house would burn down," he said.

Other large parties, such as the one on Mulholland Drive, have been held despite a county public health order to keep socially distant during the pandemic.

Complaints from neighbors led LA Mayor Eric Garcetti on Aug. 5 to announce the city would shut off utilities at party houses.

Some people living in the Hollywood Hills are bracing not just for the heatwave but for the noisy, crowded and illegal parties that this holiday weekend could bring. Lolita Lope reports. Sept. 4, 2020.


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"We don’t want to see these super spreader events pushing us all back inside," he said during the announcement.

When a large party was held at the home on Caverna Drive on Aug. 24, LAPD issued a notice it was in violation of the mayor’s public order.

On Aug. 30, another large party was held at the same house and another notice was issued.

On Sept. 1, the city disconnected the power to the house.

Last night, NewsChopper4 captured images of a generator in the garage and lights on inside the home. Neighbors fear another large party will be held this holiday weekend.

The people inside the house Friday were told not to talk to us by a private security guard but the owner of the house, Youval Ziv, did speak to NBCLA by phone.

Ziv said he has rented out the home in the past and there have been parties, but there’s no reason for neighbor’s to be concerned.

"There’s not going to be any party. There’s not going to be any problem. I promise you that, there’s not going to be any issues!" he said.

Neighbors have their doubts.

"The owner came Sunday night to talk to the residents, that same night another big party," Banks said.

Friday afternoon, in response to the generator, the city also disconnected water to the house, but some neighbors say the process to stop party houses takes too long.

"There’s a party house ordinance which the city is not enforcing and we don’t understand why not. How bad does it have to get?" Banks said.

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