Parking Challenges in Silver Lake

The City of LA is cracking down on illegal parking, but for many living in parking challenged neighborhoods like Silver Lake, there is no choice.

Silver Lake isn't the only neighborhood where parking is at a premium, and depending upon the street, some driveways are shorter than a sidewalk is wide.

People aren't supposed to park in the driveway apron, which is the sloping part of the driveway between the sidewalk and the street, but in parking challenged areas of the city, obeying the law isn't so easy.

"Sometimes it's tempting. It can be pretty brutal around getting off work time," said Carl Miller, Silver Lake resident.

In the past such offenses were overlooked, but no more.

"There's been a couple of times I've had friends over, and the tire was out just a little bit, and parking enforcement came by and gave them a ticket," said Joshua St. Thomas.

LA's Department of Transportation was sued over violations of the American With Disabilities Act, and a spokesperson said it has no choice but to issue tickets, reports The Eastsider ADA advocates claim apron parking blocks sidewalks and limits access to the disabled, according to CityWatch.

Right now though, while some people have been ticketed, most are just starting to get warnings. But beware, the grace or courtesy period is coming to an end.

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