Parking Garage Becomes Outdoor Dining Spot for Glendale Galleria

It's a novel approach to keep businesses afloat during the pandemic.

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When the stay-at-home order was initially issued in March, a lot of businesses had to learn to adapt, including restaurants, doing curb-side pick-ups: not just at your local restaurant, but even the mall.

At the Glendale Galleria, even restaurants who had never done that before, started doing it. It was almost like a new business model.

And now, they're adapting once again. Enter into, the Parking Garage.

It is a different dining experience, but it's one the Galleria says is helping keep some employees employed.

Restaurants taking part in this, some who have been here for decades, are still able to get business.

And that, they say, is what's so important about this.

"Otherwise we have to close permanently," says Steven Sayers, the general manager of the Glendale Galleria.


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Restaurants would lose business, which usually rely on walk-bys, a small part of most restaurants' business, he said

The idea started with outdoor seating on the patio outside the food court at the mall. Management says when it seemed those tables were full more often than not, they needed to expand - moving everyone into the parking garage.

And while the pandemic still has the mall itself closed - those businesses who have weathered storms like this before say they're doing all they can to keep afloat now.

"This one's unique," said Gevik Baghdassarian, the owner of Massis Kabob. "This one seems like it's going to be the hardest one to get through but I'm optimistic."

There are some issues about cleaning. They say they keep this as clean as possible, always cleaning tables and floors, keeping it sanitary for the next people to use them.

And you might consider the issue of fumes as well - because this is still a parking garage and there are cars in here but they say with the wind blowing through, it's a nice dining experience.

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