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Pasadena Humane Society Campaign Aims to Help Large Breed Dogs Find Homes

Each dog has their own unique holiday tale that makes them shine, and there are about 30 eligible for the “12 Dogs of Christmas” campaign.

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For large breed dogs like Lossal, all they want for Christmas Is a home.

And the Pasadena Humane Society needs your help to make their wish come true, by fostering.

“Maybe they are off work for a couple of weeks or out of school for a couple weeks, and they have some time to really spend with the dog, give them one on one attention which in the shelter they are severely lacking,” Kevin McManus, Pasadena Humane Society Communications Manager, said. 

The shelter’s “12 Dogs of Christmas Campaign” is bringing awareness to the large breed dogs who have a difficult time finding adoptive homes.  

“With this apartment centric world that we live in Southern California, it’s hard for a lot of people to have a dog with this energy unless they are really active, and committed to multiple walks and hikes,” McManus said. 

McManus is encouraging people to open up their homes this season – to give these pups a much needed break from the shelter where they can experience the joy of a home, extra belly scratches and maybe a game of fetch.

“When they are actually in a home it’s almost a tryout or audition where we will really find the things that make her special, but also help set her up for success when we find a forever home,” McManus said. 


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Nala is another pup in need, wishing for her “paw-fect” present.

“She is such a sweetheart and a great dog but you have to be prepared to have her be the one and only,” McManus said. 

Each dog has their own unique holiday tale that makes them shine, and there are about 30 eligible for the “12 Dogs of Christmas” campaign.

“The fewer dogs we have here the better, but also the more dogs that have the opportunity to be in a real home to kind of experience life how inevitably or ultimately they will once they’re adopted it gives us so much more information,” McManus said. 

The shelter is tracking the success of fosters with a dog Advent Calendar. Hoping this campaign will ultimately help clear the shelter.

“The quicker a dog can be placed in a permanent home the less fear, anxiety and stress they are exposed to,” McManus said.

 The Pasadena Humane Society provides foster families with all the supplies and support they need during their dog-cation.

An opportunity to make it a “re-bark-able” holiday for our furry ones in need.

The goal is to find 12 dogs foster homes by December 24, and hopefully fall in love with dogs like Mr. Wiggles, and they’ll find their fur-ever homes.

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