Step on a Crack, Pasadena Might Have Your Back

Until now, property owners have been responsible for the full cost of sidewalk damage caused by trees

Property owners and Pasadena officials can get to the root of the city's sidewalk problems together under a new pilot program that splits the cost of damage caused by city-owned trees.

The pilot repair program was launched by the Pasadena Department of Public Works. The city will match 50 percent of the cost of the repairs, up to a maximum of $1,000 per parcel, on sidewalks damaged by city-owned trees.

The payment program does not apply to trees owned by private parties. Income qualified residents might be eligible to receive a payment of 70 percent of the cost from the city.

After the property owner files an application for repair, the city will inspect the property. If the inspector determines the damage was caused by a city tree, the property owner will receive an agreement from the city that details the cost.

The work will be scheduled after the invoice is paid. The city will take care of permits and agreements with the contractor.

Previously, city code mandated that property owners pay for repairs.

Pasadena has earmarked $250,000 for the program.

In Los Angeles, the city attorney is drafting a proposal that would waive permit and inspection fees for sidewalk repairs. The proposal will be presented the Los Angeles City Council.

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