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People Turn To SoCal Beaches To Escape Triple-Digit Temperatures

Huntington beach lifeguards say that when there's a heat wave, the number of water rescues tend to go up. They'll be staffed accordingly throughout the weekend. 

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Among the people marking their spots on the sands of Huntington Beach, the Sheppard family from Glendora was determined to make this an all day beach day.

“It’s 102 at home... this is the only place you can get relief,” Sharon Sheppard said. 

They set up early, with shade, chairs and games, seeking the ocean breeze. And they’re not alone.

With temperatures soaring to triple digits in areas of Southern California, Huntington Beach Fire's lifeguards are expecting more visitors on the surf and sand. They'll keep their eyes on the water with the smaller surf as people head into the ocean for a break from the sun. 

Chaysie Iloreta and her 4 year old daughter were also looking for relief from the heat, willing to cross state lines to cool off. 

“It's too hot in Vegas, so it's nice to be around the beach,” Iloreta said.

Finding relief from the heat is hard enough, but it's even harder for those who have to work in it. Jane Yamamoto reports for NBC LA at 6 p.m. Saturday July 11, 2020. 

For Alhambra resident Matt Hsieh and his family, a front row seat to the water is just how his wife wanted to spend her birthday.

“Definitely we enjoy the ocean breeze. We're enjoying just having some fresh air, and seeing the sights. There's some good surfing. We're going to do some bodyboarding as well,” he said. 

Even though it's cooler at the beaches, lifeguards warn people to watch out for symptoms of heat related illnesses. 

“Stay in the shade, stay healthy, stay hydrated. Make sure you use proper sunscreen. And if you're starting to feel woozy or dizzy or have any fever-like symptoms, please separate yourself from the group,” Lt. Eric Dieterman, of Huntington Beach Fire Marine Safety, said. "See a doctor, see a lifeguard and we'll help you out."

Huntington beach lifeguards say that whenever there's a heat wave, they tend to see the number of water rescues go up. They'll be staffed accordingly throughout the weekend. 

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