Permits for Adult Films Drop Drastically in Los Angeles County

This year has seen a drop-off of 95 percent of filed permits for adult films in LA County

Filed permits for adult films have dropped 95 percent in the year since Los Angeles County voters passed Measure B, which made condoms mandatory during local film production, according to a trade association for the adult industry.

At this time last year, 480 film permits for adult films had been filed in the county, as opposed to a dismal 24 permits filed so far this year, said Diane Duke, CEO of the Free Speech Coalition, who cited a FilmLA report.

Duke said the county has lost more than $450,000 in revenue using a conservative estimate of a permit costing about $1,000.

"That doesn't even take into consideration what a film crew spends in a day," Duke said.

Voter-passed Measure B was aimed at preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among adult film actors.

But Duke said performers test for HIV every 14 days, and that the virus hasn’t originated from filming production in 9 years.

"We want to comply with the law, but the law is just impossible to comply with," Duke said. "This is a non-issue as far as health is concerned."

Testing was required monthly before three performers tested positive for HIV in September, leading to the change to once every two weeks. Duke said the cases were not traced back to the film production.

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