Fans Pay Their Respects to Kobe Bryant and Daughter at Their Memorial

8 photos
A large crowd of spectators are waiting to enter the Staples Center to pay their respects. (NBCLA)
A fan holds up a branded scarf honoring Kobe Bryant outside of the Staples Center.(Photo by Toni Guinyard)
Fans and supporters had been wait outside the Staples Center since 8:30, looking to pay their respects in the memorial. (Photo by Toni Guinyard)
Security patrol the area and help maintain a peaceful entrance into the memorial. (Photo by Toni Guinyard)
A Kobe memorial on the streets of Pico Boulevard and Figueroa Street is adorned with flowers and offerings from fans. (NBCLA)
A "Celebration of Life" memorial sign welcomes mourning fans around the world. (NBCLA)
A fan wears a shirt with the best moments between Kobe and Gigi Bryant. (Photo by Toni Guinyard/Courtesy)
Inside the stadium, attendees of the Kobe memorial are given a program book with photos of Kobe and Gigi. (Photo by Toni Guinyard/Courtesy)
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