About Pinterest: Making Connections Through Interests

Rather than "post," you "pin" on Pinterest.

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Pinterest credits itself as being a virtual pin board -- users organize and share items that they discover on the web and then “pin” it to their personalized board.

The mission is to “connect everyone in the world through ‘things’ they find interesting,” according to the Pinterest website.

Each board is assigned a theme and from there users may fill their board with things they discover on the web or upload themselves. They may then browse the website and draw inspiration from other board displays.

“I’m obsessed with Pinterest,” said Pinterest user Danielle Doumak. “I go on every day and sometimes I’ll pin things like my dream house and end up having dreams about it the next day.”

Popular pin board themes include: wedding plans, favorite recipes, dream vacations and shopping finds.

“I began using Pinterest for motivational purposes, like eating right and working out, but I also love finding recipes on there,” said Pinterest user Kara Scofield.

Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann dedicated an entire pin board to his very own wish list of t-shirts.

In fact, Silbermann credits his sole reason for creating the website to his passion for collecting items as a child.

With several social networking sites appearing, Pinterest sets itself apart by presenting components that are visually pleasing.

The aesthetic appeal allows users to not only share their inner dreams and collecting habits, but to also view those habits of the ones they follow. Beware though, unlike other websites, Pinterest expects all users to follow its “pin etiquette.”

The website’s etiquette entails being nice to others, crediting your sources, avoiding self-promotion and reporting objectionable content.

Pinterest also asks that each user shares their opinions on how the website may improve.

Similar to other websites like Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest still allows users to invite, follow and “like” other users and their content. However, rather than having a conversation and posting with other users, Pinterest allows people to “pin” items that inspire them.

Although the website has been around for nearly 2 years, this technology darling has only recently begun “pinning” the hearts of social media users everywhere.

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