Playa Vista Having A Rough Couple Weeks

First, there was a rash of property crimes at Playa Vista, apparently caused by a group of group of burglars who had allegedly also hit up pockets of the San Fernando Valley, reports The Argonaut. The robbers have moved on because they "know they are wanted," but residents in this wealthy development are unhappy, stating police "ignored them when they lodged complaints." Meanwhile, Playa Vista has a whole other set of problems: While it appears that Playa Vista's roads are "dedicated," they haven't been officially accepted as such by the city. Via the paper:

"...[The term] refers to whether a private developer has obtained all necessary permits, including right-of-ways for all roads in a development, from the city government. A property owner may also be required to make improvements to a community, such as street widening and sidewalk, gutter and curb installation. "The Playa Vista folks need to dedicate the streets to the city," [City Councilman Bill Rosendahl] stated. The councilman said that police and fire know where the streets are located and law enforcement does patrol the neighborhood. "But in the long run, the dedication of the streets will guarantee those protections," Rosendahl added.

"We have been having this same problem since I moved here," one resident tells the paper, noting cars sit on the streets for days without being ticketed. "I believe that our streets will never get turned over to the city."

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