IndieCade Promises Gamer Nirvana With Sneak Peek at Latest Video Games

IndieCade, a fest devoted to gameplay, brings 200+ games to Culver City.

There are a been a number of movies where a video arcade can be seen in the background, it's true, and there are movies with video games at their hearts (we're looking at you, "The Last Starfighter").

But there's one flick that's the king of video arcade heap, and we invite you to say it aloud with us now. Ready? One, two, three, "Tron." The 1982 film's famous game-a-torium -- that would be Flynn's Arcade, 'course -- used a Culver City storefront as a location, as many a film fan knows. Which, to us, means one thing: When you're going to throw a ginormous video game festival, you do so in one city and one city alone: The HQ of Bew Bew Bew, Culver City. 

"Bew, bew, bew," of course, is the sound you make in your head while playing a video game. Right? Right.

That fest is called IndieCade, and it is about to unleash over 200 games on the streets -- er, via consoles and screens, of course -- on Culver City on Saturday, Oct. 5 and Sunday, Oct. 6. "(A)n arcade stretching several city blocks" will be set up, and families and enthusiasts and anyone may stop by and try their hand at bew-bew-bew-ing up on a game they've never tried before.

You'll play "games on the soon to be released PlayStation 4 and Nintendo's current console," as well as a load of indie games that may be the hot thing next year. Who knows? This just means you can get a crack at trying out the cool stuff long before your neighbors. Or, better yet, invite the neighbors along to try the cool stuff out with you.

IndieCade isn't all about a gargantuan arcade, though; game designers will gather at this 6th design-loving gathering, and independent game-making and building and such will be discussed. In fact, if it has to do with indie video games, either from the player or maker end, bet it'll have a presence in Culver City.

Adding to the bew-bew-beauty of it all: Restaurant discounts around downtown Culver, multi-player "physical" games, and live music.


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Yep, you can wear your glow-y "Tron" suit if you like. Who's gonna stop you?

Also, if you want to see Flynn's Arcade, be sure to swing by 9543 Culver Blvd. Akasha, a tasty eatery, is there now.

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