21 Straight Hours on Pogo Stick Sets Record

A Boston man traveled across the country to the Orange County Fair to put his name in the record books. When he finally stepped off his pogo stick, he had 206,864 consecutive jumps. The record was his. So was the glory.

One of the pogo world's most prestigious records was quietly broken in front of a dozen supporters on Friday morning, as James Roumeliotis finally stepped off his pogo stick.

He'd been jumping for 21 straight hours.

"He was just completely exhausted," said Nick Ryan, one of the event's organizers. "He didn't collapse, but he just stepped off, and he was done."

Phone calls to the Boston man for an interview were not immediately returned.

"He's probably sleeping," said Ryan.

[Update 6:09 p.m., July 29, 2011: Roumeliotis eventually woke up and returned our calls. See below.]

Roumeliotis, 25, once again etched his name in the pogo record books with 206,864 consecutive jumps. He set the previous record of 186,152 back in 2007, an attempt that ended with a sprained ankle.


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For this year's attempt, Roumeliotis (pictured, above) tried to hold on for a crowd of spectators worthy of such a record, but he just couldn't make it. The Orange County Fair, which is hosting the three-day jumping-fest known as Pogopalooza 8, doesn't open its gates until noon.

He stepped off at 9:40 a.m.

"It was just too much, and he already beat the record," said Ryan. "He was there for 21 hours. He was getting a little loopy. He was completely exhausted."

The dozen or so people who watched the jumping journey come to an end, realized the gravity of the record.

"There were a lot of hugs, a lot of cheering, a lot of clapping from the small-but-mighty crowd that was there," said Ryan.

The successful record attempt, which included a 5-minute break every hour, was the kickoff attraction for Pogopalooza 8. Events for Friday and Saturday include the big-air, skills, trick and high-jump competitions.

Record Holder Celebrates With Tacos, Nap

After 21 hours of jumping on a pogo stick, James Roumeliotis had one thing on his mind -- tacos.

Before the event, Roumeliotis recalls seeing a nearby Del Taco. As an East Coaster, the fast food joint felt like a good change of pace from his usual fare of Taco Bell -- especially after 21 hours of eating only protein bars, Gatorade and water.

"Ate some of that, and then passed out," said Roumeliotis.

He slept for hours, and even after awaking Friday evening, the event still seems surreal.

"I was shocked I actually beat it," Roumeliotis said. "My calves are killing me. My ankles are swollen. I can't actually feel my hands, my right thumb especially. It was exhausting."

Roumeliotis said the record was his way of raising money and awareness for "Bounce to a Cure," an organization dedicated to helping those with Scleroderma.

"I don't know if I'd do it again, but it was definitely worth it," he said.

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