“Pokémon X & Y” Sells 4 Million Copies in Two Days

It appears the world is obsessed with "catching them all" again.

Kid-friendly games sell like crazy too.

"Pokémon X & Y" on the Nintendo 3DS has sold four million copies in just two days, just weeks after the uber gritty and sex-filled "Grand Theft Auto V" sold more than 15 million units in its first week and a half on the retail market.

The follow-up to "Pokémon Black and White Version II" outpaced its predecessor's launch sales by 70 percent, Nintendo said.

Featuring new character models and a completely redone 3D environment, "Pokémon X & Y" has garnered positive reviews from a litany of video game publications.

While the success of "X & Y" is a positive for Nintendo, it is far from unprecedented. Since 2002, five games in the series have gone on to sell more than 12 million copies. As of its original release in 1996, the Pokémon series has produced over a dozen games, resulting in over 245 million total units sold, Nintendo said. 

The series has transcended video games as well, with 16 films, several manga, a television series and a trading card game based on it.

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