Police Dog Thrown From Second Story Window in Parolee Search

K9 Jaris was "staggering about" after landing on concrete as officers apprehended a parolee

A Fontana police dog was injured Sunday when he landed on his head after he was thrown from a second story window during the apprehension of an armed parolee.

Police K-9 Jaris was part of a search operation involving 28-year-old Bryan Bills in the 9500 block of Mango Avenue. Officers responded to the location at about 12:30 p.m. Sunday after a resident reported a sighting of the wanted man.

After announcing several times that they planned to search the building, Jaris began a search of the upper level. Officers spotted Bills attempting to escape through a window, according to Fontana police.

Jaris entered the room in which Bills was located and ran toward the suspect. Bills pushed the dog and used Jaris' momentum to throw the dog out of the open second story window, police said.

The dog fell onto concrete below, landing on his head. Officers subdued Bills and took him into custody.

The dog suffered a gash on the top of his head and was "staggering about," according to police. He was transported in a police car to a veterinary office for emergency treatment.

After a veterinary evaluation Monday, it was determined Jaris will recover from his injuries, said Fontana Sgt. Robert Morris.

Bill was arrested for intentional injury to a police service dog, resisting an officer with force and parole violations. He was booked at West Valley Detention Center.

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