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Police Play Disney Music Late at Night in Santa Ana Neighborhood

In video posted to YouTube, an officer can be heard apologizing to a Santa Ana councilman who showed up at the late-night scene of an auto theft investigation.

Police at the scene of an auto theft investigation Monday April 4, 2022 in Santa Ana.
Santa Ana Audits

An unruly neighbor wasn’t to blame when the sound of Disney music was heard late Monday night in a Santa Ana neighborhood.

The music was coming from a Santa Ana Police Department patrol SUV at the scene of an auto theft investigation. “You've Got a Friend in Me" from “Toy Story,” "We Don't Talk About Bruno," "Un Poco Loco" and other songs began playing after a YouTuber showed up at the scene and started recording video. 

Playing copyrighted music, like the Disney music, can be a tactic to prevent people from posting such videos to social media platforms. The platforms have filters that flag copyrighted material. 

The nearly 13-minute video ended up on the Santa Ana Audits YouTube channel anyway and came to the attention of a Santa Ana councilman, who showed up at the scene in his neighborhood. The channel with more than 4,000 followers launched in April 2020 and features videos of law enforcement officers on the job.

Several patrol vehicles can be seen at the location where a Porsche SUV was stopped in front of a residence. "You Got a Friend in Me" can soon be heard coming from one of the police SUVs with the driver's side door open.

Councilman Johnathan Hernandez arrived at the scene and can be seen speaking with one of the officers.

“I’m embarrassed that this is how you’re treating my neighbors,” Hernandez can be heard telling the officer. “Have some respect for my community."


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NBCLA spoke with about a dozen residents in the neighborhood Thursday morning. Two said they heard the music.

The officer can be heard in the Santa Ana Audits video apologizing during their conversation about the music.

“I realize my mistake,” the officer can be heard telling Hernandez. 

The two then shake hands. 

The police department said it is aware of the video. 

“My expectation is that all police department employees perform their duties with dignity and respect in the community we are all hired to serve,” said Chief of Police David Valentin. 

Santa Ana Police confirmed Thursday that an administrative investigation is underway.

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